Emergency Treatment

Toothache indicates a need to see a dentist urgently. 

Call Broadwater Dental so we can schedule an urgent appointment for you.

Broadwater Dental covers after hour emergencies for existing patients.

Phone 5528 0770 for the after hour emergency number.

In the case of a knocked out tooth

In the situation that there is dirt on the tooth, rinse the tooth gently in milk, holding it by the crown (not the root). Do not rub the root. Insert the tooth back into the socket. If the tooth cannot be replanted, place it in a container of milk or if not possible then in the patient’s mouth inside the cheek or lip. Get to a dentist within 30 minutes if you can. The time taken to replant the tooth is critical for increasing the chance of success.

Broken tooth

If possible locate the fractured pieces, keep them moist and wrap in cling film.  Phone Broadwater Dental.


Dentists use an autoclave as part of a reprocessing protocol in order to sterilise instruments. An autoclave uses steam under pressure to achieve a rapid high heat sterilisation of instruments. The success of each sterilisation cycle is monitored using various indicators and recorded.
Dentists use a lot of equipment and instruments that can be sterilized. Those instruments that cannot be processed are disposed of and new items used on each patient. At Broadwater Dental we take infection control very seriously and constantly monitor any new recommendations.

Standard precautions such as protective gloves, masks and protective eyewear have now all become routine protocol in modern dentistry.

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