Dental Myth Busters

White fillings are best.

Despite being mercury free there are still chemicals used in white fillings. The best filling is no filling!  Gold and ceramics are the best restorative materials from a biocompatibility perspective but are expensive restorations and more appropriate for larger restorations. White fillings are the best restorative material to be used for smaller fillings as the preparation is more conservative.

Brushing longer, harder and more often will produce healthier whiter teeth.

Brushing too hard or for an increased time will not make the teeth whiter. It can result in damage to both the teeth and the gums. The tooth surface is composed of enamel, despite being a hard material, it can be worn down by excessive brushing for extended periods. The wearing down of the enamel can lead to tooth sensitivity, increased yellowing and other complications. You are advised to brush twice daily for two minutes at a time. Be careful not to brush too hard.

Sweets cause tooth decay. Many people believe eating sweets will result in tooth decay. However this statement is only partially true. Decay is influenced to a large degree by oral hygiene practices. If you eat sweets with a meal and brush your teeth shortly afterwards, the risk to the teeth is minimized.

If my mouth feels alright then I don’t need a checkup.

Many people are completely unaware of early problems in their mouth whether they are tooth or gum related. Early treatments are always quicker,   less invasive and less costly.  Different mouths have different risks and Broadwater Dental will assess the best interval between consultations for your mouth. If the mouth stabilizes, then the interval will increase to an annual checkup.

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